Spring 2024 Schedule

January 1st-May 24th
Closed April 1st-7th

All classes require a $50 yearly registration fee.


4:00-4:30pm Mommy & Me Gymnastics WAITLIST

4:45-5:35pm Preschool Gymnastics WAITLIST

5:45-6:30pm  Preschool/School-Age Gymnastics WAITLIST

6:45-7:30pm Intro Tumbling 

7:30-8:30pm Advanced Tumbling



3:00-3:55pm School-Age Gymnastics

4:10-5:00pm Preschool Gymnastics 


3:00-3:45pm Preschool Gymnastics

4:00-5:15pm Mighty Mites (Invite Only)



4:00-4:50pm Preschool Gymnastics

5:00-5:45pm Intro Tumbling 

6:00-6:55pm School Age Gymnastics  WAITLIST

7:00-8:15pm Advanced Gymnastics


6:15-8:15pm Open Gym (Ages 4-12)

Class Pricing & Descriptions

Adult & Me Gymnastics

Ages 18mo-4yrs | $55 per month | 30 minutes | M 4:00-4:30/Tu 2:15-2:45

Young/new participants learn the gym with shorter stretches & courses while including songs, free-time & quality time getting comfortable with coaches & classmates with a parent present participating in class with the student.

Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 3-6yrs | $75 per month | 50 minutes | M 4:45-5:35/Tu 4:10-5:00/Th 4:00-4:50

Structure requires participants to follow circuits. Critiquing of skills begins in preschool gymnastics. Skill focuses include donkey kicks, bridge holds, snap-downs, jump sequences, cartwheel basics, rolls, climbs, landings & more!

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School-Age Gymnastics

Ages 7-12yrs | $80 per month | 55 minutes | Tu 3:00-3:55/Th 6:00-6:55

Participants continue/start at different levels. We individual what skills participants are working on based on their achievement level. Being a small gym, we get to know our students & their goals well! We work on all four apparatus hoping to achieve maximum recreational skill level on all four events while having fun learning the sport.

Preschool/School-Age Gymnastics Combo

Ages 3-8yrs | $70 per month | 45 minutes | M 5:45-6:30

Participants are divided into preschool/school-age groups within the class. This class is ideal for siblings who want to attend gymnastics & parents only having time to make one trip to the facility each week.

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Intro Tumbling

Ages 8-18yrs | $70 per month | 45 minutes | M 6:45-7:30/Th 5:00-5:45

For participants who are new to learning tumbling. Great transition from gymnastics to cheerleading/use to supplement gymnastics. Skill focus includes rolls, cartwheels, RO, kick-overs, handstand holds, jumps, & tumbling basics.

Advanced Tumbling

Ages 8-18yrs | $85 per month | 60 minutes | M 7:30-8:30

Participants work on power tumbling skills after achieving all basics. Skill focus includes standing handsprings, tucks, connection passes, flight skills, & maintaining basic acro & tumbling.

Open Gym

Friday Night Open Gym | Ages 4-12 | $45 per month | Friday 6:15-8:15PM

Come hang with friends, work on gymnastics skills, or just play in the gym! Drop-off only.

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